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Owners' Testimonials

Testimony from our owners!
The owners below have kindly allowed us to post excerpts of e-mails and/or letters that they have sent to us. We thank them for their input and support.
The vast majority of owners are very satisfied by the performance of their listings. Feel free to contact them to find out more!
Mr Christian G., on 02/09/2019 [Listing #80674]
"I've been one of your customers for several years now, and I'd just like to say that I'm entirely satisfied with your excellent service.
You meet all of our needs as a holiday let renter, and your rates are very reasonable.
Your national visibility is satisfactory and effective.
Your website is user-friendly in terms of contacts and price rate updates.
You give excellent assistance regarding all holiday rental matters, both technical and legal.
You don't change your service offer or join a national website as it wouldn't add anything new.
In short, I always recommend your website.
Mrs Isabelle D., on 11/02/2018 [Listing #78318] [Listing #109921]
"For some years now, I have been recommending your site to all my leasing friends and colleagues: To me, you're the best, and by far! Your website's search engine is excellent, the tenants' and owners' interface, as well as the booking rates, are great, not to mention the value for money and your seriousness! :-)
This is after having tested many others and being on other host websites.
Keep up the good work!"
Mrs Montgaillard V., on 09/04/2018
"After a painful experience with the (famous) "big" competitor, I chose MediaVacationRentals.

Honestly, among the other things I found there, I wasn't expecting such closeness of contact, for the site to be so simple to use, and within its very well organized management, such availability and support each time I needed it.

Actually, behind the relatively simple face of the website, there is a great deal of professionalism with a full range of services — for me, at least!

In short, I felt protected and respected as an owner. Thank you for this wonderful experience…

(I should add that I'm talking about the past, since I had to stop my activity for personal reasons.)"
Mrs Chantal V., on 12/17/2017 [Listing #51135]
"As owners, we are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with MediaVacationRentals and ITS SERVICES. We have placed our TRUST in them for several years now.

They are PROFESSIONAL and FAST REACTING with useful and enlightened advice, ready to listen, scam email alerts, new services offered depending on how your business develops (e.g.: online payment), continual improvements...

We highly recommend this website for online listing publications.

Our warm thanks to the whole team and we wish all of them a very Happy New Year.

Chantal, Jacques and Stéphanie, owners of Chez Philémon Gite de l'Hoste in Puylagarde"
Mrs Béatrice D., on 10/05/2017 [Listing #32551]
a registered owner with listing no.32551 since 2008, I find your site just gets better and better.
There's a relationship of absolute trust with the renters. You check the reliability of some queries but any questions I may have are always dealt with in a very friendly way and your advice is always very useful.
My thanks to the whole team
Béatrice D."
Mrs Cecile G., on 09/14/2017
"After ten years of collaborating with MediaHols,I can honestly say that I've always been satisfied with our relations. You'll find the most important things here: seriousness and presence if you have any questions.
Thank you and perhaps speak to you soon."
Mrs Martine T., on 08/02/2017 [Listing #111014]

I want to congratulate the creators of website, together with the whole team.

As an owner, I can see that the website is very well organized, the future renters appreciate the high quality rentals, and relations between the owners and the renters occur in a climate of mutual trust

When we need advice, the answers are aways satisfacttory and the staff is competent, patient and always ready to listen.

Once again, well done."
Mrs Rachel G., on 06/17/2017
"Listing 11384
We've been using you website for our villa in Andalousia for several years and I'd just like to express my entire satisfaction.
Simple management and, in case of difficulty, there's always support from the experienced team.
Thanks again to Anouck for her help today.
Mrs Claudine R., on 04/06/2017

Since registering on your website, with listing 109125, I have had several discussions with the customer service team, Anouck and Rossella, who I would like to compliment for their attentive listening skills and their friendliness!

Best regards."
Mrs Gisele B., on 03/08/2017 [Listing #92716]
"Thank you for your fast response.
I really appreciate your seriousness as well as the high-performing "scam alerts" security aspect of your website."
Mr Fernand R., on 01/15/2017
"I've been using your website since 2013 and I'm very satisfied with the many improvements that you regularly add to it."
Mrs Maguy B., on 01/03/2017 [Listing #67987]
"I would simply like to reiterate my satisfaction with your website.
I particularly appreciate your fast answers to our different questions, as well as your commitment to security on the net. Your seriousness is now well established. Thanks again."
"I'm always spreading the word around me, explaining that the MediaVacationRentals website is very well managed with great security for vacation bookings both for customers and owners.
I'd like to wish the whole team a Happy New Year. In my view, they're great professionals and always ready to listen to the owners.
I really hope that this website continues to advance in the right direction as it's our security."
Mrs Dominique P., on 11/01/2016 [Listing #92946]
" want to renew my satisfaction at finding your website. The summer rentals were a great success and I am going to renew my ad (...).

Thank you for your professionalism and for listening to what your customer's want. I recommend your website to all my friends and family.

This year I had customers that came from several different countries"
Mrs Marie-Francoise B., on 10/04/2016 [Listing #88976] [Listing #69702] [Listing #119664]
I would once again like to say how satisfied I am to have signed up to your site, I rented my property practically throughout the summer and even refused at the end of August as my daughter who lives in London wanted to have the swimming pool just for her and her children. A bit in June and right up until the end of September. The system is perfect, down payment, a detailed contract .......In short, excellent! Thank you MediaVacationRentals"
Mr Jacques A., on 09/06/2016
"We would like to extend very warm thanks for your vacation site. All of our renters said they want to come back again next year. In addition, the multitude of requests leaves your competitors at the starting blocks! We just couldn't take everyone.
We highly recommend MediaVacationRentals and no one else."
Mr Said H., on 08/04/2016
"I would like to thank you for your professionalism. I have been renting through MediaVacationRentals for the last 4 years and would like to complement you and recommend your services to my friends."
Mr Jean-Claude H., on 05/20/2016 [Listing #80399]
"I'm writing to say that since the new messaging service was introduced, I systématically have the potential tenant's phone number and it's really good because like that I can personnalise all contact with them. In additon, it fits in much better with MVR's strategy, in other words, owner direct rentals without having to go through an anonymous call center like you find in an industrial organisation."
Mrs Danielle N., on 12/07/2015 [Listing #8488]
"Well done! Congratulations on your great service for our apartments that includes the rollout of guests' reviews. I don't know when this function was modified but my sincere CONGRATULATIONS for your creativity which is pretty awesome!"
Mrs Maguy B., on 10/21/2015 [Listing #67987]
"I really appreciate the way you operate and youre objectivity. I'll certainly follow your advice which seems to me extremely pertinent.
Secondly, given the many scams we find on the Internet today, we feel very safe with your website.
The effort you make regarding security (confirmation of password, non-publication of owner's name on the listing, etc.) differentiates you from other sites.
In addition, your prices are highly competitive, and you've developed a good reputation which I'll do my very best to consolidate."