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General information on the MediaVacationRentals network

What is the MediaVacationRentals.com network?

MediaVacationRentals.com is a network of Internet web sites devoted to vacation home rentals. The full list of MediaVacationRentals.com-network web sites can be viewed on the MediaVacationRentals.com web site.

With more than 4 million page views each month, MediaVacationRentals.com is the leading vacation rental search service in France.

What is AKENA Technologies?

AKENA Technologies is the name of the company which develops and manages the MediaVacationRentals.com web sites.

Its headquarters are located at:

133, rue Simon Vollant

Does MediaVacationRentals.com list all types of rental properties (beach, ski, countryside, etc.)?

Yes. MediaVacationRentals.com web sites are designed with the owner in mind to maximize the exposure of their listing(s).

MediaVacationRentals.com web sites include vacation rental listings for properties located near beaches, in the mountains, in the countryside, in cities, near spa centers, ski resorts, etc.

Why does my listing appear on several different web sites?

Your listing appears on several different web sites to ensure that it can be viewed by the largest and most diverse audience possible. A variety of approaches are popular among Internet users searching for vacation rentals. For instance, some users may restrict their search to a specific type of accommodation (e.g., a villa or a chalet, or an apartment), while others may limit their search to a specific destination. Others users may just browse through a selection of properties to see what's available or look for something that catches their interest. MediaVacationRentals.com web sites are designed to accomodate all of these approaches. Once created, your listing appears automatically on all of our sites so that you can reach a larger number of a potential clients.

Creating and managing an owner account

How do I create an owner account?

MediaVacationRentals.com-network owner accounts can only be opened by individuals with privately-owned properties.

Registration is free. Once registered, you will receive a Username and Password, which you will need to log in to your owner account. To register, simply click on Register now (on the left-hand side of the owners section).

How do I change my contact information (e.g., phone number, e-mail address, etc.)?

To change your contact information, simply log in to your owner account and click on My Contact Information (on the left-hand side of the Owners Menu).

I lost my username and/or my password...

Go to the 'Lost your password or username' section on the owners' log-in page, enter your e-mail address (the same e-mail address you submitted when you first registered) and press the SUBMIT button.

Creating and managing your listing(s)

What are the conditions for listing a rental property on MediaVacationRentals.com?

Only individuals with privately-owned properties may post a listing on MediaVacationRentals.com web sites.

Owners must also register and create an owner account before they can create a listing.

Registration is free. Once registered, you will receive a Username and Password, which you will need to log into your owner account. To register, simply click on Register now (in the menu on the left of the page in the owners section).

How do I create a listing?

Once you have created your owner account, follow the procedure below to create your listing:

Creating your listing(s)
To create your listing, log into your owner account using your username and password, then click on Create a Listing (in the OWNERS MENU section on the left of the page).
Details for your property must be filled out in a 4-step process including information about (a) the location of your vacation rental, (b) the characteristics of the rental property, (c) your rates, and (d) any additional information. Your listing will be published once you have completed the fourth step in the process.

Can I advertise several different properties in one listing?

No. Each listing may only refer to ONE single property.

However, if you have several listings posted on the MediaVacationRentals.com network, you are free to mention this information in each one of your listings.

Can I create multiple listings using one single owner account?

Yes. You can publish several different listings using the same owner account.
To add a listing see the Help section item "How do I create a listing?"

How can I modify/edit my listing?

Click on Edit/Manage Listings, select the listing you wish to modify (if you have several listings) then click on "Edit Listing".

I've just created a listing but it is not visible on any of the sites. Why is this?

Click on Edit/Manage Listings to view the status of your listing.

Your listing will not be published if its status is one of the following:

- in the process of being created:
You have not confirmed all 4 steps in the listing-creation process (location, characteristics, rates, additional information).

- not yet paid for:
You have created a paid listing but we have not yet received your payment.
For further information on paying for your listings, see "How do I renew my listing?" in the "Fees and Payment Process" section.

- expired:
Your listing is no longer valid because its validity date has expired. You need to renew your listing.

Publishing your listing(s)

I have successfully created a listing. When will it be published?

Your listing will be published as soon as your payment has been received. Free trial listings will appear on our sites immediately following completion of the listing.

For my property to appear on all MediaVacationRentals.com websites, do I need to create a listing for each site?

No. You only need to create one listing. That listing will automatically appear on several MediaVacationRentals.com web sites.

What happens when my listing expires?

In the month before your listing expires, you will be sent several e-mails informing you of the impending expiration of your listing.

Once expired, your listing will be removed from any and all of our web sites. You will till be able to access it for a month in your owner account. During this time you can reactivate the listing by simply paying for it. At the end of this one-month period, if no action has been taken, your listing will be permanently deleted from our database.

If your owner account contains no active listings, your account information will be kept for 3 (three) months, after which time it will be deleted.

How is the ranking of listings determined? In what order do they appear?

The position (or ranking) of your listing depends on several criteria, including:- the number of photos in your listing: the more photos that appear in your listing (30 photos maximum), the higher its ranking is likely to be;- presence of an availibility calendar in your listing and the regularity with which it is updated;- the location of your property on a map (click on the 'Map your property' link in your owner account)- a list of sites of interest located near your rental property- insertion of a MediaVacationRentals banner on your personal web site (if you have one);- translation of your listing: translating your listing into another language will improve the ranking of your listing on the corresponding  website available in the target language (e.g., by translating your advert into French you can improve the ranking of your advert on our French site, www.mediavacances.com)In addition to the criteria mentioned above, a randomizing factor is also applied. This is why a listing's position may change from one day to the next. The ranking of listings is varied across our website  network so as to give them an equal chance of visibility.

How many web sites will my listing be published on?

The number of sites on which your listing is published depends on the type of vacation (beach, countryside, mountain, city,...), the type of accommodation (chalets, cottages, etc: certain sites within the network are devoted to specific types of accommodation) and the language(s) into which your listing has been translated. For further information on this topic, click on Our Services.

Posting your ads on partner websites

How does it work?

In addition to the MediaVacationRentals.com network websites, your ad will be posted free of charge on our different partner websites. This free additional service will increase the number of visitors to your ad, enabling you to reach even more potential customers.

Which partner websites will my ad be posted on?

To find the list of partner websites, go to the "Our Services' page".'

How much does it cost and what do I have to do to use the service?

This service is automatic and free of charge. However, certain factors may affect which sites publish your ad: e.g., where your rental is located, how long you have subscribed to MediaVacationRentals.com, the type of accommodation, your calendar, etc.

Which MediaVacationRentals.com guarantees apply to this service?

This free service depends entirely on our partner sites’ technical and commercial features. MediaVacationRentals.com cannot give any guarantees regarding the service itself or the conditions of publishing ads on the sites in question (e.g., geographical location, how the rates are displayed, comments, etc.) or the site visitors.

Does the ‘Statistics’ tool take into account the number of visitors to my ad on these sites?

No, the statistics tool only calculates the number of visits to your ad webpage on the MediaVacationRentals.com sites.

How do I update my ad on these sites?

Any changes you make to your MediaVacationRentals ad are sent to our partner sites so they can update their pages. These changes may take more or less time to appear depending on the site.

Guest comments

What appears in the Guests'Comments section?

Potential customers who have contacted you by e-mail only, and who have rented your property, are invited to submit a comment on your property via a secure web page.

These customers will twice receive (first, 2 months after their initial request, and then a second time 6 months after their request) an automatically generated message inviting them to leave a comment: "To submit a comment, you must meet the following criteria: You have rented and occupied the property in question;...".

Owners who wish to invite customers who have contacted them by other means (phone, other web supports, post..) can now send these customers an invitation to leave a comment directly via their owner account.

How to invite my vacationers to leave a comment in my listing?

You can invite vacationers to write a comment in your listing by sending them directly an invitation by e-mail ; even if they contacted you by phone or via another website.

Simply log in to your owner account and go to the section « Comment management » then click on « Invitation to leave a comment».

What happens if a guest submits a positive comment? And what happens if the comment is negative?

If a guest submits a positive comment, the comment will be inserted directly into your listing.

If a negative comment is submitted, it is archived but not published. We will,however, conduct an inquiry with the owner and the guests to determine the veracity of the allegations.

Can a comment be submitted for any type of listing?

No. Only paid listings are eligible to receive renters' comments.

Are all guests' comments (positive or negative) screened by MediaVacationRentals.com?

MediaVacationRentals.com makes every effort to ascertain the authenticity of guests' comments.

Our information system includes features which enable us to accurately determine the source of comments.

Only those comments which are deemed reliable will be validated and accepted by MediaVacationRentals.com.

How does MediaVacationRentals.com deal with "fake" comments?

MediaVacationRentals.com uses several tools which enable us to determine the source and authenticity of submitted comments.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Subscription, any MediaVacationRentals.com account holder who is found to have submitted, or attempted to submit, a false comment will be immediately and permanently banned from our sites without refund.

To be eligible to submit a comment for a given property, a guest must fulfill the following criteria:

1. The guest must have rented and occupied the property in question.
2. The guest must not be registered as the owner of the property on any of the sites within the MediaVacationRentals.com network.
3. The guest must not be a member of the owner's family, or related to the owner in any way.

Moreover, it is expressly prohibited for any property owner registered with MediaVacationRentals.com to submit comments on behalf of a guest.

How can I view the comments submitted by my guests?

Simply log into your owner account and click on the "Guests'Comments" link in the "Information" section.

Will I be notified when a guest submits a new comment?

Yes. A message is automatically sent to your e-mail address as soon as the comment has been validated by MediaVacationRentals.com.

Managing your photos

Are there any size or format restrictions for photos added to my listing?

Yes. Although you can add up to 30 photos into each listing, each individual photo may not exceed 5 Megabytes in size.Your photos (image files) must be in JPEG format (i.e., having ".jpg" or ".JPG" as their file extension).To check the size of your image file, right-click on the file in question then select "Properties" in the menu which is displayed.

How do I add photos to my listing?

To add a photo to your listing, go into your owners account and click on Edit/Manage Photos within the listing you wish to modify.

Click on "Browse..." to search for and select an image file that is saved on your computer or a periphery device.

If you wish, you may also select a description for your photo from the drop-down list (e.g., "View from balcony"), and then click "Add".

Can MediaVacationRentals.com insert my photos for me?

Yes, but this is a paid service.

All of the details concerning the insertion of photos by our staff can be found in the Fees and Payment Process section.

Reminder: To request photos to be inserted for you, you must first fill out an order form.

How do I replace a photo in my listing with a different/updated photo?

Simply delete the photo you want to replace and add your new photo.

What is "JPEG format"?

The JPEG format is an image-file compression format (i.e., permitting a reduction in the size of image files) which is widely used on the internet.

JPEG-format files are often saved with file extensions such as ".jpg" or ".JPG".

The JPEG format is characterized by its ability to compress images that contain a large variety of colors. It is for this reason that it is particularly suitable for photos.

NOTE: The JPEG compression of an image file results in a loss of quality which is generally imperceptible to the human eye. However, the quality of the image rapidly deteriorates if the same file is compressed several times.

How can I reduce the size of my image files before inserting them into my listing?

To be able to compress your image files you will need to make use of image-processing software (often included when you purchase a scanner, printer, digital camera, etc). With such software you should be able to modify the size of your image files and save them in JPEG format.

When you scan a photograph or take a picture with a digital camera, the digital photos you obtain are often very large (their actual size will depend on the resolution of the device you are using). The size of your digital images (i.e., their width and height) is expressed in pixels. Pixels are the minute, almost invisible squares of colour which make up a digital image. As a guideline, a reasonable size for a photo is 800 pixels x 600 pixels.

Important: Do not confuse the "Reduce size" function with the "Zoom" or "Magnify" functions, which enable you to magnify or zoom an image for viewing without modifying its size (in pixels).

If the size of your image is reasonably modest or average-sized, saving it in JPEG format will in most cases produce a file whose weight (in KB) is less than the maximum authorised weight for insertion into your listing.

With certain software packages, you can modify the "compression rate" when saving an image in JPEG format. The higher the "compression rate," the smaller the size of the generated file (in KB), but the poorer the quality of the image. It is therefore preferable to work on the size of the image (in pixels) rather than on the compression rate: it is better to have a smaller image whose quality is good than a larger image whose quality is poor.

How do I replace the main photo in my listing?

Your listing's main photo is the one that comes up first on the listing pages and on the page detailing your listing.
You can also add a replacement main photo. This will not be published immediately but you can use it to replace the main photo in just 1 click.
This can be very useful, especially if you want to differenciate between the winter/summer seasons.

Mapping your property

What is the "Map Your Property" option?

The "Map Your Property" option is a free service. It allows owners to indicate the location of their property on a map. This service is optional: each owner may choose whether or not to use this service.

For those owners who choose to use this service, each of their property listings will be accompanied by a map showing the location of the property in question.

Note: This service has been made available through an outside provider. Therefore we can not guarantee the accuracy of the results given for each property.

What are the advantages of mapping your property?

This free service provides holiday-home seekers with a better overall picture of where a holiday property is located (how to get to the property, surrounding cities and towns, approximate distances, ...).

By using the location mapping option, your advert is automatically published on villascOpic.com (it may take up to 24 hours to appear if you have just geolocalised your advert).

Additionally, using this service will contribute to improving an advert's ranking.

How do I map my property?

To map your property, log into your owner account and click on "Map Your Property" in the Edit/Manage Listings section.

Where do I find the map showing the location of my property?

The link to the map showing the location of your property can be found to the left of the listing details, below the photo(s) of your property, if available.

I can't find the city where my property is located. What should I do?

Read the instructions included in the mapping section carefully , and make sure you have correctly followed each of the steps described.

If you continue to have problems, you may contact us by using the Contact Form.

I can't find the street, avenue, boulevard, etc. of my property. What should I do?

If, after finding the city where your property is located, you are not able to find the street, avenue, boulevard, etc. of your property, carefully read the instructions provided in the mapping section.

Note: For some destinations the street information is not available.

Can I put a map on MY OWN WEBSITE for my property?

Yes. In order to do this you must copy a section of computer code script and insert it in the source code of your web site (this requires a minimum level of familiarity with html code). This piece of code can be found in Edit/Manage Listings under the "Options for your Personal Website" heading by clicking on "Insert Map."

Why isn't my property displayed on the full-screen map in the property listing?

The following conditions must be fulfilled before your property can be displayed on the full-screen map:

- your must have located your property on a map (see 'How do I locate my property?')

- your listing must include at least one picture

Nearby centres of interest

What are the nearby centres of interest?

The localization of nearby centres of interest is a free service that enables you to indicate all the centres of interest that are situated close to your rental: swimming pool complexes, museums, nurseries, beaches, ski trails, ...
These will be indicated on the map and on your rental details with a direct link to the map.

Why should I localize the nearby centres of interest?

This option allows you to highlight and promote all the nearby tourist attractions that could attract more guests to your rental offer.
It gives potential guests additional and highly appreciated information as they can rapidly view all the nearby amenities and attractions that they're looking for (nurseries, supermarkets, transport...).
Using this service will also improve the ranking of your listing.

How do I add the centres of interest to my listing?

To add the centres of interest, we invite you to go to the page Edit/Manage listings, and click on "Nearby".
Then select the type of centre of interest in the drop-down menu; indicate its name (i.e. "the British Museum"), then position the yellow marker on the map in the corresponding position. Finally, click on "save this centre of interest", which will then appear in green on the map.
N.B.: centres of interest must be located less than 80 km (50 miles)as the crow flies from your rental.

Managing your availabilities

What are the benefits of keeping my Availability Calendar up-to-date?

1. More rentals: Listings with current availability information tend to generate more enquiries than those without. Additionally, priority is given on our websites to listings that feature an up-to-date availability calendar.

2. Saves you time: You receive less inquiries for periods which have already been booked.

How do I update my Availability Calendar?

Simply go into your owners account and click on "Availability Calendar" for the listing you wish to update.

To add a booking, use the calender provided for this purpose.

To delete a booking, click on "Delete".
To edit a booking, delete it and create a new one with the corrected information.

Can bookings overlap?

Yes, but for a maximum of ONE day only.

How do I activate or deactivate the Availability Calendar?

Before you can display the Availability Calendar in your listing, you must first activate the availaibility management system.

To do so, go into your owners account and click on "Availability Calendar" for the listing you wish to modify.

Select "Yes" to activate the calendar or "No" to deactivate, and then click the "Change" button.

Can I display my MediaVacationRentals.com availability calendar on MY PERSONAL WEBSITE?

Yes. To do so you must copy a piece of HTML code (provided in your owners account) and paste it into the source code of your website (this requires some knowledge of HTML). To find the appropriate piece of code, go into your owners account and click on "Insert Availability Calendar" in the list of options under "Personal Website."

IMPORTANT: Your personal website (if you have one) is disctinctly independent from both your MediaVacationRentals.com listing and your MediaVacationRentals.com mini-website. To be able to use your MediaVacationRentals.com Availability Calendar on your personal website, the availibility-management system must be activated (see "How do I activate or deactivate the availability-management system?" in the Help section).

Translating your listing(s)

May I translate my listing into other languages?

Yes, you have the option of translating your listing into any of the languages used on the network of MediaVacationRentals.com websites. However, all submitted translations must meet a certain standard of accuracy and readability. As such, your tranlation(s) will not be automatically published after submission. Shortly after submitting your translation it will be reviewed and you will be sent an e-mail message informing you whether or not your translation has been accepted. This review process is necessary to ensure a level of credibility for your listing.
We strongly advise against the use of automatic translation systems, which generally produce poor, unreliable translations and will not be accepted by our editors.

Statistics for your listing(s)

Are the statistics updated in real time?

No. To avoid overloading our systems with large data processing tasks, statistics for each day are collected and processed over time. The statistics for any particular day are generally available the following day.

What exactly do the statistics represent? Are they reliable?

The statistics represent the exact number of times your listing was directly visited.

Visits to pages displaying lists of rentals are not taken into account.

These statistics are accurate and reliable. They can be used to check the "attractiveness" of your listing by comparing the number of visits your listing registers with the number or inquiries you receive for the rental.

There are no statistics available for the previous month. Is this normal?

Yes. Due to the high volume of traffic generated by our sites, it takes a few days to process the statistics for the previous month before they are available.

Our 'last minute offer' service

What are the benefits for property owners of the "Last-Minute Offers" service?

The "Last-Minute Offers" service is provided for property owners who wish to advertize a last-minute availability, arising as a result of a cancellation, for instance.

Owners who opt for this service enjoy the following benefits:

1. A highlighted listing with an orange frame featuring their promotional offer.

2. Presence of the listing in the "Last-Minute Offers" section of our sites and appearance on the MediaVacationRentals homepage in a randomized order with the other Last-Minute listings.

3. Inclusion in the "Last-minute offers" e-mail sent to the full or a partial list of all MediaVacationRentals.com property rental customers (i.e., those who have explicitly asked to receive such offers), depending on the number of existing last-minute offers.

4. Diffusion on the RSS Feed, "Last-Minute Offers."

The "Last-Minute Offers" service is a paid service.

The service is provided for a period of 4 weeks.

Can any listing be submitted as a "Last-Minute Offer"?

No. Only active listings with photos and an availability calendar may be submitted as a "Last-Minute Offer".

How much does the "Last-Minute Offers" service cost?

Rates for all services can be found in the Fees and Payment Process section.

How do I submit a Last-Minute Offer?

Click on the link My Orders. Click on the "Last-Minute Deals" checkbox for the listing in question and pay for your order.

How can I edit my "Last-minute offer" listing?

Once you have paid for the service, go to the Edit/Manage listings section and click on the 'Last-minute offers' link.

Is my last minute deal sent to the full list of all MediaVacationRentals.com property rental customers?

No. Given the large number of last minute deals, they cannot be sent to all MediaVacationRentals.com property rental customers.

Your offer will be sent to a partial list of all MediaVacationRentals.com property rental customers depending on the number of existing last-minute deals.

Prices and payment

How much does it cost to list a rental?

The cost of publishing your listing depends on the type of accommodation you own.
All of our prices can be found in the Fees and Payment Process section.

How do I renew my subscription?

To renew your the subscription for your listing, simply fill out a new order form. To do so, go to Your Orders in your owners account and follow the corresponding steps.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to pay by check or bank transfer, remember to mention the reference code of your order on the back of your check or in your bank-transfer form.

Can you send me an invoice/receipt?

Yes, of course! Receipts can be viewed and printed from your account in the Owners Section. Printed receipts are available in "pdf" format. To view your payment history now and print receipts, click on Your Invoices.

When should I make my payment?

To ensure that there is no interruption in the appearance of your listing on our sites, we recommend that you make your payment sufficiently in advance (2 to 3 weeks) of its expiration date.
If your payment is made on time, your listing will automatically be renewed upon expiration.
IMPORTANT: Checks will be deposited upon receipt.

Where can I view a history of my payments?

Click on "Payment History" for the listing in question in your owners account.

How can I be sure that MediaVacationRentals.com has received my payment?

Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the new expiration date for the listing.

You may also view the payment history for each of your listings (see above, "Where can I vew a history of my payments?").

Why are there only annual subscriptions available?

For several reasons:

- Since it is not more expensive for us to publish your listing for an entire year rather than by season, our annual subcriptions rates are very attractive.

- You receive inquiries year-round, even during the low season (inquiries submitted during the low season account for 35% of the annual volume of inquiries for a rental).

- You won't need to re-submit your listing each season.

Will I be entitled to a discount if I pay the subscriptions for multiple listings at the same time?

If you have multiple listings and you renew them all at the same time, each of your listings will be published for a certain number of extra days, free of charge.

To see how many extra days of free publication you would be entitled to (variable according to the number of listings you renew at a time), please refer to the Fees and Payment Process section.

Our Customer Database

Does MediaVacationRentals.com maintain a database of property-owner's guests?

Yes. We possess a guest database containing several thousand entries.
We contact all of the guests in our database several times a year.

Classification and ratings (for French property owners only)

What is a rated or labelled property?

This ranking only applies to rental accommodation that is located in France.

Accommodation is assessed by an official body according to selected quality and comfort criteria.

In France a number of rating systems exist:

- Prefectoral rating: prefectoral ratings are awarded by bodies which are offically recognized by a Prefecture (a departmental administrative authority). Under the prefectoral rating system, rental accommodation may be awarded from 1 to 5 stars.

- "Gîtes de France" label: Under the "Gîtes de France" rating system, rural vacation rental accommodation may be awarded from 1 to 5 "épis" (ears of wheat).

- "CléVacances" label: Under the "CléVacances" rating system, vacation rental accommodation may be awarded from 1 to 5 "keys".

The rating criteria for the "Gîtes de France" and "CléVacances" labels are more demanding than those for Prefectoral ratings. For example, a 3-star prefectoral rating will, in most cases, correspond to a 2-key CléVacances rating, or a 2-épi Gîtes de France rating.

What benefits are there to having my property rated?

For potential guests, ratings and labels are a guarantee of the actual level of quality and comfort they can expect when they rent a vacation property. Rated and/or labelled properties generate more inquiries.

Are there any disadvantages to having my property rated?

The rating process is not free: costs vary according to the geographic location of the property for which a rating is applied and depending on the organization awarding the rating. Additionally, the process is quite long (approximately 6 months).

How can I have my property rated?

For further information on how to have your property rated, contact your nearest Tourist Information Office or your local Town Hall.

Vacation renter insurance

Does the MediaVacationRentals.com site offer insurance for vacation renters?

Yes. For a nominal fee (5% of the rental cost), the MediaVacationRentals.com site offers vacation renters a comprehensive insurance policy covering :

  • Noncompliance of the property with its advertised description,

  • Renter's civil liability,

  • Vacation cancellation/interruption,

  • Fraudulent rental,

  • Travel assistance.

Is it in the owner's interest to offer vacation renters this type of insurance coverage?

Yes, it is. For 2 reasons:

in the event of cancellation, the insurer will reimburse the balance on the rent due to the property owner. This means that if the renter cancels the rental (in the conditions provided for in the rental agreement), you will be paid the entire rental amount.

The insurance package covers damage to your property caused by your renters: you will be reimbursed, even if the value of the damage exceeds the security deposit.

The ADAR+ insurance package meets the specifications defined by MediaVacationRentals.com to ensure that renters and owners enjoy the best possible coverage.

Certain packages offered by the same insurer, and proposed by our competitors, provide less coverage and do not reimburse the balance on the rent due to the owner.

Performance Guarantee

What does the MediaVacationRentals.com.com Performance Guarantee consist of?

MediaVacationRentals.com.com undertakes to ensure a minimum of 1,000 hits on the detailed page of your listing during the yearly paid subscription period. If your listing is not visited at least 1,000 times, it will be renewed for one year, free of charge.

For more information regarding this offer, see the dedicated page.

What are the qualifying conditions to benefit from the Performance Guarantee?

* The owner must have taken out an annual advertising subscription after the implementation of the Guarantee, i.e. after the 01/05/2010,
* The owner must have had an operational listing during the entire guarantee period,
* The listing must contain a full description of the rental,
* The listing must contain at least 5 pictures,
* The availability calendar feature must be included in the listing and used,
* The owner must have replied to rental enquiries,
* The owner must ask our Customer Service Dept. to enforce the guarantee (you can do so up to 30 days after your listing has expired).

Which pages are taken into account?

Only those pages showing the details of your listing are taken into account, i.e., those pages viewed by internet users who are interested in your listing. Listing pages showing only the summary are not included in the calculation.

How long is the guarantee period?

The number of hits is calculated for the paid subscription period, i.e., one year. Any periods of free advertising which the owner may have benefitted from are not taken into account.

Where can I check the hit statistics for my listing?

Use the "Performance Guarantee" link in the menu in your owner account to view the period of reference covered by the Guarantee and the number of hits recorded for your site during this period.

How can I enforce the Performance Guarantee?

You can contact us, via your owner-account interface, up to 30 days after your listing has expired. Simply mention the listing number and our Customer Service Department will prolong the publication of your listing for one year, free of charge.

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