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Our services and prices

109.00 USD Tax incl./year
for : Mobile Home, Studio apartment

119.00 USD Tax incl./year
for : Apartment, Bed and breakfast, Unusual Bed & Breakfasts, Cottage, Unusual rentals

159.00 USD Tax incl./year
for : House/Villa/Mountain Chalet

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These services are included in your subscription:

  • Your listing is published for 12 months on
  • 30 photos
  • Access to Customer Service (by email and telephone)
  • Guaranteed results
  • Multi-publication on the network websites
  • Multi-publication on our partner websites with synchronisation of your calendar
  • Automatic translation (manual translation possible)
  • Services available for your own website: map, synchronised calendar, 3D bird's-eye-view
  • SMS text message alerts
  • Mini website
  • 3D bird's-eye-view of your rental (can be deactivated)
  • Access to the owners' community (specialised forums)
  • Antifraud and antispam protection for your e-mail address
Special offer for MULTIPLE listings

If you renew multiple listings at the same time, each listing will receive a publication extension FREE of charge, in addition to the standard subscription period.
To see a list of possibilities, click on the drop-down list below:

We recommend thePremium Option if your listing hasgood reviews and/or attractive photos that you want to highlight on the rental listing pages.

$ 69



The Premium option enables you to benefit from 5 photos (instead of one) and one renter revie on the rental listing pages. It's about twice the size of a standard listing.

Annonce Premium

Premium Option listings are posted in the "Premium Listings" space, under the menu on the left of the page.

The Top Position service puts your ad in prime position to boost your ad's visibility for a period ranging between 1 to 12 months.

We recommend this service if you need occasional or permanent additional visibility.

1 month$ 79
2 months$ 129
3 months$ 179
6 months$ 269
12 months$ 409


This service allows you to promote your listing during periods featuring special deals (minimum -10%) for 4 weeks to find guests when your rental is empty or if there's been a last-minute cancellation.

In addition, your listing is published on the "Special offers" page and the "Special offers & last minute deals" email alerts (several hundreds of thousands of renters registered)

$ 30



You can create 3 special deal periods and change them as and when you wish on your listing management page.

You can add your photos to your listing free of charge.

However, you can also ask to optimize your photos and to add them to your listing instead. You can order this service below and send us your photos by e-mail to:

$ 30


Payment method

Secure online payment is managed entirely by our bankcard service provider PayBox that uses tried and tested encryption technology. Akena Technologies has absolutely no access to your bankcard number.

PayBox will send you an e-mail with a confirmation payment ticket.

To the following account:
RIB: 30027 17503 00020097304 68 (France)
IBAN: FR76 3002 7175 0300 0200 9730 468 (International bank references )

Bank address:
CIC Nord-Ouest
32, avenue de la Marne

Account holder: Akena Technologies SARL

You MUST specify the order reference number in the banks transfer comments and send us a confirmation email with the reference number of your order and your owner reference number.

In view of the risks involved in sending cheques and the time required for processing them, we suggest that you use another means of payment whenever possible.

Made out to Akena Technologies

Don't forget to add your owner reference number and the number of your order on the back of the cheque as well as your owner name if it is different from that of the cheque book owner.

Payment address:
AKENA TECHNOLOGIES - MediaVacationRentals - AKENA Technologies
133, rue Simon Vollant
Parc de La Cessoie
59130 Lambersart