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Important! does not intervene in the search process or the booking procedures for vacation rental properties. Please use the search engine available on our website, and contact owners directly.

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I'm looking for a vacation rental.

Please contact the owners directly. To find a vacation rental on, please use either our quick property search menu or our advanced property search menu, which can both be found in the menu (on the left hand top corner). Once you have chosen a listing, click on the 'Property Owner details' link to contact the listing's owner. To make searching for a vacation rental easier, we suggest you create an account in our Renter Section, a free service specially dedicated to renters. To know more about our Renter Section and its nifty features, and to sign up (it only takes a minute!), click here

I've found a listing I'm interested in, and would like more information on the vacation rental.

Please contact the owner directly. To do so, click on the 'Property Owner details' link in the listing. To find a listing using its number, go to the Search by property number section.

I contacted the listing's owner but he/she didn't answer.

In this case, we suggest you try to contact him/her again, either by email or by phone (pay attention to the country code if it's an international phone number). To contact the owner, click on the 'Property Owner details' link in the listing.

I stayed in a vacation rental and would like to leave a comment on the rental.

If you originally contacted the owner by email through the listing and stayed in his/her property, we'll send you an email inviting you to write a comment on the property you rented.

I would like you to send me a catalogue of the vacation rentals.

We do not give out catalogues of our rentals. All our offers are accessible online on our websites. To find a listing, please use the search engines.

I'd like to receive the 'last minute offers' newsletter.

To get our 'last minute' offers, click here.

I would like to advertise my property on the sites of the network.

All the information regarding the services offers and on advertising a property on the sites of the network is accessible by clicking here

I'm already registered as an owner on

If you're already registered on and have questions, click here.

I'd like to ask you a business-related question or another type of question.

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