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Why post your listing on

Take advantage of the owner direct vacation rental boom

The boom in seasonal owner direct rentals

Owner direct vacation rentals give guests significant considerable savings on agency fees (between 30 and 40% of the rental cost). The sector has seen phenomenal growth during the recent economic downturn. In this context, boost your rental income and build a relationship of trust with your customers.

Increase in MediaVacationRentals inquiries since 2005

Increase in MediaVacationRentals inquiries since 2005

View testimonials from our member vacation guests., European specialist for over 11 years has specialised in owner direct vacation rentals since 2002, and is well-known as a major player in the sector.

No unfair competition from professionals

Some professionals use unfair tactics to artificially lower rental prices:

  • Price calculated per person, based on maximum occupancy
  • "Processing fees" not included in price
  • Equipment included as an option
  • etc.

These methods result in unfair competition for owner direct rentals which generally offer all inclusive rates. That's why the service is reserved for owner direct rentals only.

Customers loyal to owner direct rentals

Over the last 10 years, has been building up a fast-growing customer base, with guests enjoying the advantages of owner direct rentals and confident in the site's commitment to high standards.

Maximum efficiency

A million rental inquiries a year!

In 2012, MediaVacationRentals.comgenerated a million rental inquiries from our member customers, worth around250 million euros in rent. The number of rental requests has risen steadily year on year since the site was first launched.

Rise in MediaVacationRentals inquiries since 2005

Rise in MediaVacationRentals inquiries since 2005

International exposure

It's essential to reach foreign customers to avoid the concentration of bookings during school vacation periods. Around 1/3 of inquiries sent to French owners who rent their property through come from abroad.

This international demand comes from the network sites and foreign distribution partners.

Your listing is translated automatically and free of charge in real time, whenever a foreign visitor views it. You can also translate it manually.

Published on the network

Listings are published on the network

  • (DE)
  • (EN)
  • (ES)
  • (FR)
  • (IT)
  • (NL)
  • (PT)
  • (US)

Your listings are also published on our publishing partners websites with whom we have sales agreements, as well as on theiPhone app.

Published by our partners publishes its listings on many partner websites, notably:

  • TripAdvisor (in France and abroad): the world's largest travel site*
  • 3D bird's-eye-view vacation rentals

*After 6 months with us also develops partnerships with many other French and foreign companies:

OLX Skiset Blidoo TripAdvisor 

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee a strict minimum of 1000 visits on your listing details page. More information.

Boost your rental income

No commission! You keep all your rental income

Some websites take a commissions of between 9 and 20% from the owner and the customer, significantly reducing your rental income. takes absolutely NO commission. Listings cost between 89 and 129 euros, including the Guaranteed Results, international publication and other services.

Our owner members keep virtually all their rental income.

Fill up your calendar throughout the season!

With, you can rent throughout the season thanks to:

  • Very high demand
  • Access to foreign customers to boost your guest rate outside the school vacations
  • Listings published all year round (1/4 of all requests are made in low season)

An all-inclusive annual fee

The price is all inclusive and includes wide international coverage (+33 % of requests), the SMS text messaging option SMS, iPhone app, automatic translation of your listing, a mini-site, 3D bird's-eye-view, etc.

The added benefits of MediaVacationRentals

An efficient and fast-response customer service

Our customer service is highly acclaimed by our members:

  • Dedicated e-mail address with automatic identification
  • Fast response (often the same day)
  • 96% of our members say they get a satisfactory answer to their query

Manage your bookings while you're away

Why lose out on one or several weeks rent when you're on vacation, at the weekend or just when you're far from your own computer?

Free of charge on MediaVacationRentals:

  • An "SMS text message alert" option to get all queries in real time, including the potential guests' contact details
  • An iPhone application to receive requests, answer guests' questions, and manage your calendar even when you're away from home

3D bird's-eye-view of your rental

Is your rental next to a beach or in a spectacular environment? listings benefit from an exclusive 3D bird's-eye-view feature (free option) that promotes the rental setting or location.

Rent paid directly into your bank account!

From 2014, and if you so wish, your guests can pay you directly online by bank card via a secure payment platform, specifically designed for owner direct vacation rentals. The rent will automatically be paid into your bank account and you will be kept informed of confirmations and transactions in real time

Enhance your personal website.

If you publish an ad for your holiday rental on your own website, you can add the map, the calendar and the 3D bird's-eye view from MediaVacationRentals.

Mini website

If you don't have your own website, but would like a stand-alone sales support to send your rental offer to all of your contacts, automatically offers you an independant minisite that includes all your listing features (map, calendar, 3D bird's-eye view, standard contract, etc.). E.g.

Make the most of the owner community.

Would you like to exchange your property in the mountains for a rental next to the ocean? Get advice on managing your rental, find a service provider who can be there for arrivals? Our dedicated private forums give you the chance to discuss all this and more with the owner community.

Data confidentiality and security

Personal details of owners and renters alike are strictly confidential. They are NEVER published, passed on or sold to a third party.

Our security system has an anti-phishing filter to protect our customers from scams and spam.

Protection against unfair reviews

The risk of guests posting unfair reviews

Reviews posted by the guests about rentals are not always entirely objective. The weather, snow conditions and other external factors that upset vacationers expectations can have an impact on how they feel about the rental. In the event of a clash between the guest and the owner, posting a negative review may be a way for the renter to exercise pressure on the owner, or even a way of getting their revenge. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often, but it can happen. Such cases need to be taken into account, as once a negative review has been posted it is very difficult or even impossible to delete it. And sometimes just one negative comment is all it takes to drastically reduce the number of requests.

MediaVacationRentals protects you against poor or unfair reviews

To avoid poor or unfair reviews being published while protecting and informing potential guests, MediaVacationRentals has introduced the following system:

Negative reviews about the property are not published.

However,they are systematically investigated to check:

  • the objectiveness of the review,
  • whether the complaints made about the rental are true or not.

If the complaints made about the rental turn out to be based on fact, the rental in question may be subject to a “Quality Information” rider, which may be removed at a later date and at the owner’s request if the problems identified have been corrected.

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