General Terms and Conditions of Use

The present document has been drawn up to inform Users of the general terms and conditions of use applicable to the company AKENA Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the Company), an EURL with a capital of 760,000 euros,

whose head office is located at the following address: - AKENA Technologies:

133, rue Simon Vollant
Parc de La Cessoie
59130 Lambersart

The Company provides potential renters with a service enabling them to view ads for holiday rentals, to contact the owners free of charge and to book and pay online.

Users of this service shall hereinafter be called the User. The service is available on the European websites grouped under the tradename "MediaVacationRentals network".

Nature of services offered by the Company
The Company offers an advertising-related service through the publication of ads, as well as an online booking and payment service (“Secure Payment”). It does not intervene in any of the rental agreements drawn up between the owners and renters who are in direct contact with one another. It receives no instructions from either party and does not collect or bank the rents. It does not offer any real estate or tourism services and is not to be confused with an estate agency or a travel agency.

Responsibility for the contents of ads
The User hereby acknowledges that the network websites act merely as a platform for the ads published.
The ads published on the network websites are edited and posted online under the sole responsibility of their authors.

The Company cannot be held liable for the quality, existence, safety, or legality of the rental properties, the veracity or exactitude of any of the information presented in the ads published on its websites, the identity or quality of the advertisers, their capacity to rent the said rental properties, or the capacity of the renters to pay for the rental services or any other ancillary services.

The “Secure Payment” service
The “Secure Payment” service is a service that allows renters to pay the owners extremely easily and securely by bank card. Users of this service must accept the specific booking terms and conditions of use, available here.

Renters’ reviews and quality control procedures
The User is hereby informed that the Company deals with reviews posted by the renters in different ways. The aim is to guarantee the quality of the rental properties advertised on the websites. Negative reviews are subject to investigation by the Company’s quality control department with a view to verifying the nature of the criticisms made and their impact on future rentals. Positive reviews and survey outcomes are published on the ad.

If the criticisms are serious and substantiated, the owners are requested to remedy the situation or the ad. If the owner refuses to correct the situation or if it is impossible to do so, or if the criticisms substantiated by the investigation are particularly serious, the ad is permanently deleted from the database, in accordance with the membership conditions previously accepted by the advertisers.

Sending emails and text messages
Users are hereby informed that the email address and contact details they enter on the websites shall not be passed on to a third party. Users shall receive emails and text messages from containing technical information to help them to use the service correctly. They will also receive emails with more general information regarding the website’s use and the services offered. It is possible to unsubscribe from this service. Should Users so wish, they can also receive newsletters with the latest special offers and last-minute deals.

Internal messaging service
Users are hereby informed that they must communicate with the advertisers in writing through the exclusive use of the internal messaging service made available by the website, which offers various security guarantees and avoids all direct contact by email.

Right to delete and change personal information
Users have the right to access, change, correct and delete any personal data relating to them. To exercise this right, they just have to fill in the contact form available via this link.