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Owners' Testimonials

Testimony from our owners!
The owners below have kindly allowed us to post excerpts of e-mails and/or letters that they have sent to us. We thank them for their input and support.
The vast majority of owners are very satisfied by the performance of their listings. Feel free to contact them to find out more!

Mr Morisod, on 03/08/2015 [Listing #66651]

I complain on all the other owner-direct rental sites.
But all I can say to you is well done!
In my opnion, you're the best in terms of price/quality, security (scam warnings...), etc..
It's a pleasure to work with you.
Best regards."
Miss Dannenmuller, on 01/31/2015 [Listing #3243]

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the quality of MediaHols website which has got better every year. I've just seen your latest Quality Standards Policy which I read through to the end. EXCELLENT. Once again, many thanks to everyone. I saw your commercial on I TÚlÚ in January which has a big impact on all of us. I've never regretted working with you. Best regards."
Mr Di Nitto, on 10/05/2014 [Listing #83364]

As an owner, I would like to write what I think of your service.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the visibility of my rental by the sea.
I am sure that it will get better and better as I really trust your site, which I consider to be serious and reliable.
Mr Helft, on 10/01/2014 [Listing #236]

"I've been using your site for a number of years and I'm really satisfied, I would even say more and more satisfied given the number of improvements that you regularly add to it."
Mr Perrin, on 09/26/2014 [Listing #60012]

"I have to say that I use 5 sites to advertise my apartment in the mountains and you are by far the best with more contracts signed and, above all, monitoring of the latest legislation with regard to vacation rentals, good advice on how to optimize a listing, and warnings about scams.
I'm really satisfied with your services.
Thanks a lot."
Mrs Marchini, on 09/25/2014 [Listing #79967][Listing #52854]

"I want to share my satisfaction with the organisation of MediaVacationRentals. com. I've been a customer for several years and I get a lot of contracts from polite and serious vacationers, with bookings that are completed in a very satisfactory way. I'd like to thank the staff who are always ready to help resolve any problems."
Mr Manachevitch, on 09/18/2014 [Listing #77171][Listing #79958]

"We have two ads 77171 and 79958. Since we have been with MediaVacationRentals, we have been able to rent far more easily and we would like to thank MediaVacationRentals. This is a great site. We would like to share our satisfaction. Thank you"
Mr G., on 09/13/2014 [Listing #77859][Listing #82306][Listing #82312][Listing #91947]

"I really feel it's important to write this testimonial.
I have used several vacation rental sites to advertize my vacation rental and, after comparing them, I can now confirm that you're the one I have chosen
Even if you're not as well-known as some other sites that call themselves world leaders in the sector, I received a lot more queries through your site and, more important, many of them became firm bookings!
You are near the top in the search engine; your help by phone is excellent: this is not a simple call centre but a real service to owners managed by a team of experts who are available and very patient, and who help us to resolve all sorts of problems that may crop up.
I've heard a lot of positive feedback from renters who also spoke about your reliablity and professional approach.
Carry on the good work!
Vincenzo G."
Mrs De Meyer, on 09/09/2014 [Listing #85184][Listing #80992][Listing #79796][Listing #58194][Listing #83718]

"After several trials and disappointments with other sites, we discovered MEDIAVACATIONRENTALS, at a very reasonable price, that we compared with the very expensive site called xxx!

We had a brilliant season, both in the mountains and in Drome Provencale, and with our 5 vacation rentals we beat all our records for the last 4 years. Of course, we also sent out lots of quotes which were not followed up.
We invested in the very reasonably priced PREMIUM and TOP POSITION service. The cost was still lower than that of the other site we mentioned, and we had 10 times more visits, generating a lot more bookings.
Thanks to the whole team for your simple and reliable site system, even for seniors, and the advice and follow up from the MEDIAVACATIONRENTALS interlocutors by phone."
Mrs Scarani Volpi, on 09/01/2014 [Listing #48673]

"Dear MediaVacationRentals team,
We've been with you since 2009 with great satisfaction. 90% of my guests come from your site and I've always had positive experiences with very nice people. Some of them are even regular customers for years.
So I want to thank the site for all the innovations and improvements you've introduced at rates that everyone can afford.
It was a record year for visits in July this year: over 6300!
Carry on with the good work, and a big thank you."
Mrs Martins, on 07/22/2014 [Listing #73198]

"'m extremely satisfied with, its ease of use and very fair price compared with its competitors.You're by far the site that sends me the most customers and I'd like to stress the efficiency, kindness and speedy response of the online interlocutors.
I wholeheartedly recommend the site.
Once again, well done everyone."
Mrs Begon, on 07/07/2014 [Listing #88976][Listing #69702]

"I'd like to thank you for the number of rentals. This is my 2nd year and I must say that by February practically everything was booked for July and August. Unfortunately, I listed the studio a bit late (end of May), so I hope to get more queries next year. Well done MediaVacationRentals."
Mrs Nebot, on 06/15/2014 [Listing #8488]

"Thank you for your answer and your actions which have helped me to improve the visibility of my listing.
As always, your services are perfect...and we are really happy to remain loyal customers.
I also gave you a high recommendation to a friend who's thinking of renting out her apartment on a seasonal basis."
Miss Caula Bessi, on 05/20/2014 [Listing #85214]

"I just wanted to say how good your website is. I'm on several sites, some of which are very expensive but you're the one that brings me the most customers. I wonder how do you do it! .
Well done, don't stop!!"
Mr Durbau, on 05/15/2014 [Listing #77586]

"This is the second year that I've listed my apartment through MediaVacationRentals and I'd like to express my entire satisfaction with the results.
To be honest, my listing is on several sites but most renters come from the MediaVacationRentals network. Communication with guests is perfect and error-free .
I have potential guests who ask for the price and availability on other sites but far fewer finalise their booking.
It's true that the photos and fast answers to queries have a lot to do with the success, but this also needs good organization and site visibility.
I tell everyone I meet that it's the best investment I've made if we can call it an investment, with a small annual fee that was rapidly amortized by the end of the first day, the first week and the first year.
I'm truly happy and grateful."
Mr ...., on 04/08/2014 [Listing #64390][Listing #71422]

"I'm an owner and I've been registered with MediaHols for several years now. No one could make me change for another website. I'm so pleased with your services that I've even invited my owner friends to sign up. Carry on the good work, you're an extraordinary site, perfect and well ahead of the times; every year you help me with my listings and I'm truly satisfied. Thank you."
Mrs Vasseur, on 03/05/2014 [Listing #83798][Listing #67398]

"I really appreciate the speed of your replies to our messages, especially as it's obvious that you have read them and that you pay a lot of attention to them. I never contact you for the same thing (unlike many, not to mention any names) as the information is always very clear and cordial (so no automatic replies).
Almost everything that we, the owners, hope for can be found on your site but it's also in the interest of the renters who have to spend a lot of time preparing their holiday. You think in our place, thank People will think you're paying me to say this :-) No, it's sincere. What's more, there are so many little details (that are important at the end of the day) that have led me to renew my ad and to add a second for which I am sure I'll get requests as I have for the last two years with the other one. I've just noticed the 'fast actions' tab. You know that we spend a lot of time on it so thank you for making it easier. It's the same sort of user-friendliness that we get with Apple. Even when we're not very good it's still easy. And otherwise you're always there to help (...)."
Mrs Dubois, on 02/27/2014 [Listing #32551]

I've been using your site since 2009. I really appreciate your services and the way they get better. It's a link for individuals to individuals, the people at the other end of the phone are friendly and efficient and the new site is very well designed. Thank you for the service you offer."
Mrs Anthonioz, on 01/16/2014 [Listing #1350]

"I just wanted to say that I joined your site at the very beginning and I wouldn't change for anything in the world. Everything is easy and fast, and it's as simple as pie to rent your property from home. You don't take advantage of the situation and that's what makes you special, and you go out of your way to satisfy your customers."
Mrs Girard Pastouret, on 01/05/2014 [Listing #43080]

"I would like to thank the MediaVacationRentals website.
The new site is more modern and the whole team is always looking for ways to improve the site to help us get a maximum number of visitors.
I have been registered with the site for several years, and have followed all the positive changes to the site with the obvious fallout in terms of rental demand. To date, I have always had excellent guests. The choice of the upcoming ItÚlÚ TV commercials will als bring us some great new guests. Thank you."

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