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Owners' Testimonials

Testimony from our owners!
The owners below have kindly allowed us to post excerpts of e-mails and/or letters that they have sent to us. We thank them for their input and support.
The vast majority of owners are very satisfied by the performance of their listings. Feel free to contact them to find out more!

Mr Jean-Claude H., on 05/20/2016 [Listing #80399]

"I'm writing to say that since the new messaging service was introduced, I systématically have the potential tenant's phone number and it's really good because like that I can personnalise all contact with them. In additon, it fits in much better with MVR's strategy, in other words, owner direct rentals without having to go through an anonymous call center like you find in an industrial organisation."
Mrs Danielle N., on 12/07/2015 [Listing #8488]

"Well done! Congratulations on your great service for our apartments that includes the rollout of guests' reviews. I don't know when this function was modified but my sincere CONGRATULATIONS for your creativity which is pretty awesome!"
Mrs Maguy B., on 10/21/2015 [Listing #67987]

"I really appreciate the way you operate and youre objectivity. I'll certainly follow your advice which seems to me extremely pertinent.
Secondly, given the many scams we find on the Internet today, we feel very safe with your website.
The effort you make regarding security (confirmation of password, non-publication of owner's name on the listing, etc.) differentiates you from other sites.
In addition, your prices are highly competitive, and you've developed a good reputation which I'll do my very best to consolidate."
Mr Henry D., on 10/03/2015 [Listing #105229]

"I confirm that I'm highly satisfied with your website. The season was excellent, the guests delighted (see reviews), really nice guests, perfect. Don't change anything and thanks to the team."
Mrs Agnès P., on 09/23/2015 [Listing #8260]

"I've subscribed to MediaVacationRentals for many years, almost since the site was first launched and I renew my subscription as I'm very happy. I've never been disapponted, quite the contrary, and every year there are improvements for the owners to help us to better manage and rent our property and to find a lot of renters. It's a really good website and I recommend it to anyone who doens't know it as I haven't stopped renting for the last few years thanks to MediaVacationRentals. I say thanks to MediaVacationRentals which does everything possible for us the owners."
Miss Michela M., on 09/03/2015 [Listing #71855]

"I want to compliment you on the service you offer. Don't stop and don't change the site. It's perfect like that and I'll carry on working with you in the years to come!
Thank you
Mr Luca M., on 08/23/2015 [Listing #71759]

"Just a few lines to congratulate you on the work you do. My house was taken all the time and all of the tenants were really top rate."
Mr Vincenzo S., on 08/11/2015 [Listing #66027][Listing #80627]

"You are quite simply awesome!
Thank you and don't stop, you're the Ferrari of websites.
I think you're great. If you carry on this way, I'll never leave you."
Miss Caroline D., on 07/30/2015 [Listing #8683]

"I've phoned several times and always had a warm welcome and good advice.

The MediaVacationrentals website is really well managed by its counsellors.

I've had lots pf rental requests through MediaVacationrentals.

I belong to other websites that don't get the same results.

Please MediaVacationrentals team, carry on managing the site like this."
Miss Elliana G., on 06/27/2015

"Thanks for always being so reactive to the latest technology."
Mrs Felipa S., on 06/04/2015 [Listing #68460]


I'm very satisfied with the reception and the help I got when I phoned.
The people I spoke to were very friendly and professional, with very good customer service skills, understanding how to andwers my questions and help me.

A big thank you."
Mrs Sylvie M., on 05/20/2015 [Listing #94500]

"I've been trying the MediaVacation website for the last 3 months and I have to say that I'm delighted with the result, I've had several queries that have turned into bookings.
I should add that I've tried several sites and this is one of the best both for quality and price.
Keep it up guys, it's great!"
Mr Mohamed B., on 04/18/2015 [Listing #95005]

I'm writing to express my satisfaction with your website. In effect, I posted a listing a short time ago and I already have a two-week rental booked, what's more with really charming tenants.
Congratulations too for your seriousness and your stringency which is very reassuring.
Best regards"
Mrs Mauricette D., on 04/13/2015 [Listing #10666]

"I really want to thank you for your extremely professional and serious service. I will certainly be sending you other people and will recommend your website which I'm highly satisfied with.
Best regards,"
Mr Philippe M., on 03/08/2015 [Listing #66651]

I complain on all the other owner-direct rental sites.
But all I can say to you is well done!
In my opnion, you're the best in terms of price/quality, security (scam warnings...), etc..
It's a pleasure to work with you.
Best regards."
Miss Daniele D., on 01/31/2015 [Listing #3243]

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the quality of MediaHols website which has got better every year. I've just seen your latest Quality Standards Policy which I read through to the end. EXCELLENT. Once again, many thanks to everyone. I saw your commercial on I Télé in January which has a big impact on all of us. I've never regretted working with you. Best regards."
Mr Erasmo D., on 10/05/2014 [Listing #83364]

As an owner, I would like to write what I think of your service.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the visibility of my rental by the sea.
I am sure that it will get better and better as I really trust your site, which I consider to be serious and reliable.
Mr Christian H., on 10/01/2014 [Listing #236]

"I've been using your site for a number of years and I'm really satisfied, I would even say more and more satisfied given the number of improvements that you regularly add to it."
Mr René P., on 09/26/2014 [Listing #60012]

"I have to say that I use 5 sites to advertise my apartment in the mountains and you are by far the best with more contracts signed and, above all, monitoring of the latest legislation with regard to vacation rentals, good advice on how to optimize a listing, and warnings about scams.
I'm really satisfied with your services.
Thanks a lot."
Mrs Alma M., on 09/25/2014 [Listing #79967][Listing #52854]

"I want to share my satisfaction with the organisation of MediaVacationRentals. com. I've been a customer for several years and I get a lot of contracts from polite and serious vacationers, with bookings that are completed in a very satisfactory way. I'd like to thank the staff who are always ready to help resolve any problems."

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