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Owners' Testimonials

Testimony from our owners!
The owners below have kindly allowed us to post excerpts of e-mails and/or letters that they have sent to us. We thank them for their input and support.
The vast majority of owners are very satisfied by the performance of their listings. Feel free to contact them to find out more!

Mrs Martins, on 07/22/2014 [Listing #73198]

"'m extremely satisfied with, its ease of use and very fair price compared with its competitors.You're by far the site that sends me the most customers and I'd like to stress the efficiency, kindness and speedy response of the online interlocutors.
I wholeheartedly recommend the site.
Once again, well done everyone."
Mrs Nebot, on 06/15/2014 [Listing #8488]

"Thank you for your answer and your actions which have helped me to improve the visibility of my listing.
As always, your services are perfect...and we are really happy to remain loyal customers.
I also gave you a high recommendation to a friend who's thinking of renting out her apartment on a seasonal basis."
Mr Durbau, on 05/15/2014 [Listing #77586]

"This is the second year that I've listed my apartment through MediaVacationRentals and I'd like to express my entire satisfaction with the results.
To be honest, my listing is on several sites but most renters come from the MediaVacationRentals network. Communication with guests is perfect and error-free .
I have potential guests who ask for the price and availability on other sites but far fewer finalise their booking.
It's true that the photos and fast answers to queries have a lot to do with the success, but this also needs good organization and site visibility.
I tell everyone I meet that it's the best investment I've made if we can call it an investment, with a small annual fee that was rapidly amortized by the end of the first day, the first week and the first year.
I'm truly happy and grateful."
Mr ...., on 04/08/2014 [Listing #64390][Listing #71422]

"I'm an owner and I've been registered with MediaHols for several years now. No one could make me change for another website. I'm so pleased with your services that I've even invited my owner friends to sign up. Carry on the good work, you're an extraordinary site, perfect and well ahead of the times; every year you help me with my listings and I'm truly satisfied. Thank you."
Mrs Vasseur, on 03/05/2014 [Listing #83798][Listing #67398]

"I really appreciate the speed of your replies to our messages, especially as it's obvious that you have read them and that you pay a lot of attention to them. I never contact you for the same thing (unlike many, not to mention any names) as the information is always very clear and cordial (so no automatic replies).
Almost everything that we, the owners, hope for can be found on your site but it's also in the interest of the renters who have to spend a lot of time preparing their holiday. You think in our place, thank People will think you're paying me to say this :-) No, it's sincere. What's more, there are so many little details (that are important at the end of the day) that have led me to renew my ad and to add a second for which I am sure I'll get requests as I have for the last two years with the other one. I've just noticed the 'fast actions' tab. You know that we spend a lot of time on it so thank you for making it easier. It's the same sort of user-friendliness that we get with Apple. Even when we're not very good it's still easy. And otherwise you're always there to help (...)."
Mrs Dubois, on 02/27/2014 [Listing #32551]

I've been using your site since 2009. I really appreciate your services and the way they get better. It's a link for individuals to individuals, the people at the other end of the phone are friendly and efficient and the new site is very well designed. Thank you for the service you offer."
Mrs Anthonioz, on 01/16/2014 [Listing #1350]

"I just wanted to say that I joined your site at the very beginning and I wouldn't change for anything in the world. Everything is easy and fast, and it's as simple as pie to rent your property from home. You don't take advantage of the situation and that's what makes you special, and you go out of your way to satisfy your customers."
Mrs Girard Pastouret, on 01/05/2014 [Listing #43080]

"I would like to thank the MediaVacationRentals website.
The new site is more modern and the whole team is always looking for ways to improve the site to help us get a maximum number of visitors.
I have been registered with the site for several years, and have followed all the positive changes to the site with the obvious fallout in terms of rental demand. To date, I have always had excellent guests. The choice of the upcoming ItÚlÚ TV commercials will als bring us some great new guests. Thank you."
Mrs Hechelski, on 12/28/2013

"I want to congratulate you on this new, very practical, complete and user-friendly version of"
Mr Thiry, on 12/23/2013 [Listing #70672]

"I would like to thank you for your site's efficiency and the increase in my rental take-up rate since I first subscribed.
I would also like to wish all of you a Happy Christmas and an excellent New Year 2014 (...)."
Mr Christian, on 12/23/2013 [Listing #45751][Listing #23490][Listing #49451]

"I would like to thank you for attention to the end-of-year celebrations and send you in return my best wishes for the Seasons Greetings.
I particularly want to express my very great satisfaction with MediaVacationRentals. As far as I'm concerned, among all your competitors, you're really number 1 (...)."
Mrs Perier, on 12/19/2013 [Listing #8260]

"I'm a long-standing and loyal customer on your site, and am entirely satisfied with it.

I would like to wish the season's greetings to the whole team (...)."
Mr Goujon, on 12/19/2013 [Listing #3537]

"our new site is perfect. Congratulations!"
Mr Cavallaro, on 12/17/2013 [Listing #23651]

"Dear MediaHols team, I want to congratulate you on the new site. It is really beautiful! I think it will be a perfect tool for increasing bookings. Once, again well done for your work! Best regards."
Mrs Bourquin, on 12/17/2013 [Listing #68134]

"Thank you MediaVacationRentals for making our work easier, it's always a pleasure to work with you!"
Mrs Delbecq, on 11/15/2013 [Listing #2486]

"A very open, clear and precise website with the possibility to easily access all the different pages, to get in touch with potential clients in a very polite way, to view all previous rentals, and to publish numerous photos and a considerable amount of information. A very pleasant and rapid response."
Mr Ferreira, on 10/22/2013 [Listing #41571]

"Congratulations to the very easy and effective site which helped me to rent my flat on my own without having to go through an agency. I had many queries and am very satisfied with your site. My heartfelt thanks."
Mrs Voelkel , on 10/13/2013 [Listing #69976][Listing #69989][Listing #73307]

"I've been using your site as an owner for two years and I' extremely satisfied. The subscription rates are very fair compared to your competitors. In addition, the site is well laid out and easy to use. The customer service is very efficient and offers many clear and useful suggestions. I have recommended it to many of my friends."
Mr Leborgne, on 10/04/2013 [Listing #28098]

"I'm happy to have just taken out another annual subscription (I've been with you for over 10 years) - ad no. 28098 - and I wish to express my entire satisfaction. Since the end of August, I'm fully booked for winter 2013-2014, with thousands of visits.

Carry on the good work, your site is really well designed."
Mr Gilles M., on 10/01/2013 [Listing #76941]

"I'm writing to confirm my satisfaction with your services compared to other sites that promise but don't deliver. You're really 'tops'.
Bravo and carry on the good work!!!"

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